We have all heard about vaping extracts, CBD oils, vitamins, and a variety of other products. However, have you ever heard of somebody vaping alcohol?

It is, in fact, a real thing! There are folks that are doing it, and there is a lot of curiosity in vaping alcohol. However, according to our research, vaping alcohol is not recommended for your health.

How Do People Vape Alcohol?

As with any other method of producing vapor, you burn the liquid to the degree that causes it to evaporate. Theoretically, vaping alcohol works similarly, although alcohol has a different impact than anything else.

The Risks of Vaping Alcohol

The problem is that if you inhale too much alcohol, you can become quite ill. It should be mentioned that inhaling alcohol is extremely harmful due to the higher intake of alcohol, which can impair your brain.

The hot alcohol vapor might also cause lung damage. Alcohol gets broken down differently when inhaled. As you may know, your lungs are not designed to absorb alcohol.

Even if alcohol is included in e-juice, it is only included in trace amounts as a softening agent in vape juice. It will not even come close to getting you wasted.

You can, indeed, add as much alcohol as you like to your vaping device. Unfortunately, alcohol is combustible and will most certainly burn when it comes into contact with the hot coil. As a result, you will be doing nothing but harm the coil.

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