According to a recent study conducted by Penn State College of Medicine researchers, those who vape on a daily basis are less reliant on their vaping gear. To put it another way, smokers rely significantly on their smokes.

Another study published by London Southbank University compared how much money smokers and vapers were happy to put on tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Respondents were asked how many puffs of their preferred product they would buy at various pricing points. They also had to pick between financial gain and having access to their preferred nicotine product.

When the price of a nicotine dose increased, vapers were more inclined than smokers to decline it. They are also less inclined to choose their preferred product when given more money instead.

This shows that vaping is less addictive than smoking because drug addiction is defined by doing everything needed to access a chemical.

However, when questioned about dependency on their product, intensity of need, how much they crave it, and challenges when not consuming nicotine, vapers and smokers had comparable answers.

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