Big Bar Cube Disposable Review

Big Bar Cube Disposable Vape is not something to underestimate. It is a magnificent disposable vaping gear with lengthy battery life, a huge e-juice capacity, and a massive puff quantity.
To top it all off, it has a wonderful assortment of tastes that have all been developed to ensure your taste buds are satisfied. If you are not already interested in what this item has to give, we hope you will have a seat and enjoy this new addition to our review list.
The device is powered by a 1100mAh battery that provides long-lasting vaping sessions. In addition, the device’s creators included adequate space for an 8mL e-juice …

Innokin Sceptre Pod Review

The Sceptre is yet another major hit from Innokin. The brand used to be awe-inspiring in its earlier days, and the latest addition is the next product in the line.
The Innokin Sceptre has a slim, minimalist form and a compact dimension. The device is also offered in five various designs, which will entice even the most veteran vaper. It looks fantastic from side to side.
A zinc-alloy chassis is used in its construction. This means that it is extremely durable and will endure even longer as a result of its unrivaled quality. Anything about this new Innokin gear is great and spotless.
From its internal 1400mAh battery to…

Vaping is Less Addictive than Cigarette Smoking

According to a recent study conducted by Penn State College of Medicine researchers, those who vape on a daily basis are less reliant on their vaping gear. To put it another way, smokers rely significantly on their smokes.
Another study published by London Southbank University compared how much money smokers and vapers were happy to put on tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes.
Respondents were asked how many puffs of their preferred product they would buy at various pricing points. They also had to pick between financial gain and having access to their preferred nicotine product.
When the price of a nicotine dose …

The Statistics in Vaping-Related Deaths

Despite the fact that vaping has been labeled as a safer alternative to smoking, there’ve been vaping-related fatalities. Though we as vapers prefer to promote the positive aspects of vaping, it is also our responsibility to share the unpleasant facts.
The reason for the vaping-related mortality, however, was not nicotine vaping. In fact, illicit market THC cartridges were to blame for vaping-related lung diseases.
These THC cartridges use a mixture that was proven to feature Vitamin E acetate. While Vitamin E acetate is used in large enough quantities to stabilize the recipe, producers normally use less than 20%.

Comparing Vaporizers, Gum, and Patches to Help You Quit Smoking

According to new research published in the New England Medical Journal, vaporizers are considerably more likely as gum and patches to help people quit smoking. This study has dominated the news in the United States like nothing else.
During the UK-based trial, researchers randomly assigned adult patients who use stop-smoking services in the United Kingdom. The patients were enrolled in a program that included weekly behavioral support, and the ultimate result was one year of continuous abstinence.
At the final session, the outcome was biochemically verified. Participants who failed to give biochemical validation were deemed …

Which DaVinci is Superior? Is it IQ2 or IQ?

The DaVinci IQ2 is an improvement of the IQ. While keeping the proven formula, the IQ2 is regarded as one of the best dry herb vape pens on the market at the moment. Which of them, though, is the true winner?
Heating System
The use of conduction as a means of heating is a feature of both vaporizers. Though it is less popular in general, it produces amazing outcomes. The DaVinci IQ2 has the added benefit of concrete plates, which have a higher affinity for waxes and an improved rate of heat transfer.
Battery Power
Both devices have long-lasting batteries. Charging to maximum …

Choosing Your Next Vape Pen

Even if you are a veteran vaper, knowing how to select the best vape pen for you can be difficult at times. When purchasing a vaporizer, there are multiple factors to consider. So, have a look at these crucial features to look for in your future vaping device.
Your e-juice Type
Each e-cigarette is optimized based very much on how you want to vape your e-liquid. Getting anything that does not suit your e-juice might cost you a good deal of money.
To make sure you have just what you need, complete your homework or even seek advice in your nearby store. Some e-cigarettes use such as wax, while others …