Despite the fact that vaping has been labeled as a safer alternative to smoking, there’ve been vaping-related fatalities. Though we as vapers prefer to promote the positive aspects of vaping, it is also our responsibility to share the unpleasant facts.

The reason for the vaping-related mortality, however, was not nicotine vaping. In fact, illicit market THC cartridges were to blame for vaping-related lung diseases.

These THC cartridges use a mixture that was proven to feature Vitamin E acetate. While Vitamin E acetate is used in large enough quantities to stabilize the recipe, producers normally use less than 20%.

They had a severe lung ailment as a result of using the supersaturated dosage of Vitamin E acetate. With limited awareness of these items and in an attempt to beef up the poor efficiency in illegal vape cartridges, illegal producers were infusing 50% or more.

The rise of vaping-related lung sickness was not to be overlooked. The infestation was real, dangerous, and damaged a large number of companies and customers.

To make matters worse, over 2,000 people were treated, and 60 people died. Thankfully, the vaping-related sickness incidence was limited to the United States. The earliest occurrences were in Illinois and Wisconsin, but the illegal commodities quickly spread to other states.

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