There are several kinds of vape pens on the marketplace, all of which are meant to allow you to inhale various kinds of concentrates. This article will go through each type of vape pen and show you how to use them.


An e-liquid pen is made out of a container that stores a battery and a connected heating element. The heating coils are housed in a tank, into which you will pour e-liquid.

Such vape pens allow you to enjoy conventional nicotine e-liquid. It is quite simple to use. If you have a changeable coil, ensure to soak it first, then install it before pouring the e-liquid into the refill slot.

Adjust your wattage to match the coil you are choosing, then hit the ignite button to turn the vape on and take a pull.


Wax pens demand a little more expertise than other types of vape pens. With this tool, you must better equip and store them.

Using the tool, obtain a little “dab” of wax. Place it into the container, which should be on top of the coil. Finally, reinsert the head on the vape pen.

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